A look at Aaron Gordon’s Next 361 Degrees

361 Degrees is a popular sneaker brand back in China, but it is yet to reach the same popularity in America as brands like Li-Ning and Anta. However, this could all change with their latest signing.

Aaron Gordan was drafted 4th back in 2014, by the Orlando Magic, and has slowly become one of their star players, but what really raised his profile, was his amazing dunk contest performance back in 2016.

Although he narrowly lost to Zach Lavine, he earned himself a reputation for being one of the best dunkers in the league, which is why when his Nike deal expired last year, 361 Degrees snatched him up immediately.

361 Degrees, dubbed the ZEN. 00 “KungFu Dunk”

The 361 Degrees Zen.00 Kung Fu Dunk will come in what looks to be a synthetic leather upper, paired with Quickfoam cushioning, that is designed to be the perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness.

361 Degrees

In terms of branding, the shoe will feature its Kung Fu Dunk name on the medial and lateral sides below the laces, and Aaron Gordan’s Yin and Yang inspired logo can be found on the tongue.

Although we have not gotten any release information yet, we can expect that the 361 Degrees Zen.00 Kung Fu Dunk will be available in time for the 20/21 NBA season, whenever that ends up happening. It is likely they will be pretty hard to get hold of outside China, but our best guess is you will be able to grab a pair from Famuji Sneaker.

Written by Charley Heaton

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