A spotlight on SIA Collective, the independent sneaker brand you need to know

SIA Collective or Somewhere In America, is an independent streetwear brand created by Devlin Carter that has started to gain serious traction. Especially thanks to its unique sneaker designs.

Devlin Carter SIA Collective Founder
Devlin Carter SIA Collective Founder

Although now with multiple shoes under the brands’ belt, the clear favorite seems to be the SIA CV 0.02.

Coming in a breathable knitted upper, the CV 0.02 provides a sock-like fit. And pairs it with sleek sole, that takes inspiration from popular 90’s runners.

When it first released, many likened it to the world-famous Yeezy 350, however, on closer inspection. It is clear that Carter and his team have created a unique vision unlike any other sneakers on the market.

This is also in part, due to the sneakers’ wild colorway’s, whether it’s because they are reflective, or will change color in the sun. No brand is truly doing the same as SIA Collective right now.


Thanks to their ingenious designs and ideas, SIA Collective has begun to make waves in the sneaker community.

They have tended to drop products on a Saturday. Firstly with a standard release that will sell out on the spot. And then often with a follow up pre-order release, so that anyone who wants them can get them.

The ability to get shoes on a pre-order will often last for a day. And effectively means that the sneakers are always easy to get hold of for retail. Instead of having to get them for a premium off of the secondary market, but also means they are unlikely to ever go on sale. (Sia Collective)

If you’re interested in checking out SIA Collective and the SIA CV 0.02, you can find more information on the official SIA Collective website. As well on their official Instagram page

Written by Charley Heaton

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