Air Yeezy 2 – The Kyrie 6 and the creation of the Kyreezy

Ever since the Nike Kyrie 6 was announced. It has drawn comparisons to the wildly successful Nike Air Yeezy 2, released almost a decade ago.


This was to the extent that Mathew Welty suggested on the show “Full-Size Run” that journalists were told to not make comparisons to the classic Yeezy sneaker at the official Nike Kyrie 6 launch event.

This comparison is due to the shoe’s similar shape. As well as both having a strap across the midfoot. And now that the shoe has been added to Nike’s “By You,” line anyone who wants to can make a Kyrie 6 with the same colors as the 3 Yeezy 2’s.

Fans have made their own Kyrie 6 Pure Platinum’s, Solar Reds. And Red Octobers, but of course, all the talk hasn’t just benefitted Nike’s sales.

Many fans of the Kyrie line have complained that the silhouette is unoriginal. And some have even gone as far as to suggest whether Nike did this on purpose to use the help boost their sales.

Image via instagram / vivianfrank

Others are happy to admit that the Kyrie 6 and the Air Yeezy 2 look similar. But that there shouldn’t be an issue, as the Kyrie is in a separate shoe market, as a performance basketball sneaker.

And that for those who can’t afford the Yeezy 2’s that are all reselling for thousands. It is a nice alternative, at a more reasonable price.

Whether you think that Nike has taken inspiration from the Nike Yeezy 2, or whether you think that’s fine. You can create your pair of K. 6‘s now for $160 at

Air Yeezy Deals On Ebay

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Written by Adrian Roberts

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