Are basketball sneakers getting less popular?

Nicolas Steave

Basketball sneakers have been around for what feels like forever, and for most of their existence, they have been insanely popular. From Chuck Taylor to Michael Jordan and Lebron, basketball sneakers have been worn by every big name whether it’s on or off the court. And when basketball one of the biggest sports in the world, it doesn’t come as any surprise.

Jordan 1 Basketball Sneakers

With all this being said; basketball sneakers have seen better days with Lebron’s signature models not selling as well as they used to, and Kobe and Jordan now retired.

The original Jordan’s are still popular; however, they are very rarely used for basketball. And the more recent basketball focused models have been sitting on shelves.

I believe this is predominantly down to the rise of the running shoe, a concept older than Nike itself, that has seen its popularity pick up speed (mind the pun) as of late.

Running shoes have started to become more about comfort than ever before, and the cushioning has been a massive part of the running shoes success.

Jordan 1 Basketball Shoes

Companies like Puma and Adidas, whose founders were brothers, so you could say it runs in the family (I promise that will be the last one,) have invested millions into new cushioning systems, with Puma originally looking into a pod based cushion, and Adidas then buying the rights to this idea to then make boost.

Nike Basketball Sneakers

Although, basketball sneakers aren’t as big as they once were, they are definitely still successful, with Kyrie just finishing a collaboration with SpongeBob that took the internet by storm, and considering the up and coming talent in the sport such as Zion Williamson, maybe it won’t be too long until basketball sneakers reclaim their throne once again.

Written by Charley Heaton

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