Shamelesskicks Sneakerheads Club’s ‘Don’t Be A Jerk, Spammer, Hater, Troll and or Copyright Infringer’ Policy :

Shamelesskicks Sneakerheads Club is a platform for Sneaker lovers. We welcome all posts and comments from our guests. All submitted content should stick to the following basic ‘Don’t Be A Jerk’ guidelines:

No personal attacks will be accepted. Engage with the posts & comments and be friendly even if you don’t agree with the posts. Remarks that are critical of the writer will not be published, but statements critical of the ideas are welcome. Conflict is ok, but being macho in comments, encouraging violence, or racial/religious condemnation is not.

Our guests don’t want to know how much you earn each week or the services you might be able to offer.

We don’t like posts and comments that use X-rated language and or have inappropriate links.

All posts and comments are published at the discretion of the Shamelesskicks editors. The Shamelesskicks editors will not discuss which posts and comments are or aren’t published. Some posts and comments may be edited or deleted.

Please avoid plagiarizing. We encourage you to use your original work. Don’t use someone else’s work without permission or license, whether it is an article, image, or a gif. The best way to keep away from plagiarism is by being sincere and giving credit where credit is due. If you didn’t write the text, take the picture or draw the graphic, don’t pretend that you did.

We kindly ask you not to post copyright material without proper attribution and that doing so may result in a suspension or banishment from the community. Please don’t forget to include proper attribution when citing or pasting copyright content.

You can basically use Free Images or Free Images and please make sure the content you post falls under a free license to be on the safe side. Try to use images that only show Creative Commons licenses. You can also find any images released under Public Domain.

For all your posts, give credit underneath to the owner, photographer, illustrator, writer, or whoever created the content.