Interview With a Sneakerhead Chris Cantada

interview with a sneakerhead

Interview With a Sneakerhead Chris Cantada

Chris welcome to Shamelesskicks. Tell us a little about yourself please.

Hey guys, my name is Chris Cantada. I’m a YouTube Content Creator from the Philippines. I make action-comedy skits in superhero cosplays, primarily Power Rangers and Marvel. 

Tell us about that sneaker love: What do you look for in a sneaker?

It has to fit well for sure. I have wide feet, so I’m the type of guy who needs to try the shoe first. So buying online is a risk if I’ve never tried on the style before. Even if I love the design, if it’s uncomfortable, it’s a pass for me.

interview with Chris Cantada

What’s your story? How did you get into the sneaker game?

I’m a newbie to this as an adult. Like most of the 90s kids out there, I was a fan of Michael Jordan and the Bulls during that era. I got the jerseys, got the shoes, got the cards, and everything. But as I grew older, my interests changed. It wasn’t until watching The Last Dance that my love for sneakers got reinvigorated. As a kid, my parents decided what shoes I could buy, because they were paying. But after watching The Last Dance, I realized as an adult; I was actually making my own money to buy the shoes I’ve always wanted as a kid. 

When did you realize that there was an obsessive quality to this?

I was always a collector. And just like the action figures and collectibles I’ve been buying for years, I kinda knew that buying sneakers, especially in the world of social media, would be hard to avoid as a collectible item for me. 

Do you have any rare sneakers, or are there any you would like to get your hands on?

I consider my custom made sneakers my rare items since I’m the only that has them. But I’d love to own an Off-White Chicago or Dior J1s one day. 

Sneaker culture really feels like it’s on the rise at the moment. Do you think the internet and social media are the only reasons for that?

Definitely! It’s so easy to learn what shoes will be released every day because of social media. And seeing reviews and unboxing videos make or break your decision to get them or not. Usually, though, we always get them! If it were back in the 90s, you’d either have to go to the store to see what’s new or the occasional commercial on tv or in magazines. But not as instant as today. 

Interview With a Sneakerhead Chris Cantada

What kind of social media audience do you attract, and why?

I pretty much attract the 90s kids. You know, the people who love nostalgia. And for sure, sneakerheads have a lot of nostalgia in them.

Why do you think that creating unique content is so important when it comes to sneakers?

I guess if you want to stand out, you have to do something different. For me, I love mixing my passions and seeing what creative ideas can come from it. That’s why I enjoy doing crossovers with a lot of fandoms, like Power Rangers, Marvel, DC, Anime, and now sneakers.

When did you start posting sneakers?

I guess right after I purchased my first pair of Jordans as an adult. The Fire Red 5s, which I then turned into my Red Ranger customs shoes.

What makes a pair of sneakers or streetwear items stand out or unique to you?

I love custom stuff. Having that uniqueness and the fact that not everyone will have that exact same pair is something I feel would be special to me.

Why are you passionate about sneakers?

It boils down to nostalgia and how it brings me back to those times as a kid where I got my first “real” sneakers like Nike and Jordans. And of course, remembering those sneakers that passed me by as a kid because it wasn’t part of our shoe budget, and now being able to cop them as an adult.

What’s on your feet right now?

My very own Cantada Force x Off-White Chicago “Morph” customs.

What are your go-to stores or websites to shop for kicks?

Besides Nike online, I like supporting my local stores here in the Philippines, like Copgarden and After-Market PH.

What’s the next big thing on the list? Any releases you’re really holding out for?

I am looking forward to copping that new Jordan 35 Morpho colorway.

Why do you buy sneakers? For being active? As a fashion statement? As an investment? Or to resell? 

Definitely as a fashion statement. I buy these to wear and to be proud of them. I earn a living elsewhere, so I’m not that much into reselling. But I do respect the hustle of these resellers.

Interview With a Sneakerhead Chris Cantada

What’s one recent sneaker collaboration that’s genuinely worth the hype? Why is that?

I actually like the Dior x Jordan 1 collab. I mean, it’s so overpriced, but it does look beautiful.

If you had the money, what is the most you would be willing to spend on a pair of sneakers, and why?

If I had unlimited funds, I’d probably get those Dior Jordans. Haha!

What are your five favorite models are?

Jordan 1, Jordan 5, Jordan 11, Jordan 8, and Jordan 3. No particular order.

Interview With a Sneakerhead

What is your favorite brand and what collaborations would you like to see in the future? 

I got into sneakers as a kid because of Michael Jordan. So the same thing goes now as an adult. I’d love to see an official Jordan brand x Power Rangers collab.

If you could only wear shoes from one sneaker brand for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Jordan Brand.

Interview With a Sneakerhead Chris Cantada

What Drop are you looking forward to the most?

Looking forward to another grail of mine as a kid to be released locally, the Air Max 94 CB in purple.

If you had to pick three favorites from your collection, what would it be?

My Red Ranger Jordan 5 Custom, my Off-White x Chicago “Morph” Jordan 1 custom, and my Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Airs.

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a single pair?

Currently, the most I paid is around $400 for a used pair of J1 Breds. But time will tell… Haha!

Interview With a Sneakerhead Chris Cantada

What would you say to someone that says collecting sneakers is a waste of time?

Everyone collects something, whether it be sneakers, bags, toys, jewelry, cars, etc. If you’re passionate about what you’re collecting, you shouldn’t give a damn about what other people think. Life can already get miserable at times, especially in the current climate. So if it doesn’t hurt anyone and you can afford this hobby, do things that make you happy.

Written by Adrian Roberts

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