Interview With a Sneakerhead : @iRockMyStock /IG

sneakerhead interview

Interview with a Sneakerhead / @irockmystock

What’s going on ShamelessKicks?! Thanks for reacting out to me! I appreciate the connection within the sneaker community! 

Can you please introduce yourself and let us know a bit of you and your background?

My name is Jace, known on IG as @iRockMyStock. Born and raised in San Francisco and started my sneaker obsession back in 1995. Sold my collection throughout the years, to only, find myself buying more and more sneakers again.  The second phase of my sneaker obsession started over in 2003.

interview with a sneakerhead

What’s your story, how did you get into the sneaker game?

Back during my eighth grade, one of my friends came to school wearing the Fila Grant Hills (Fila 95). From there, I had to have them and went the local shopping mall and purchase my own Fila Grant Hills. Not long from my Grant Hills, I had the opportunity to purchase the Original Jordan Eleven “Concords”, and then, the Air Pippens, Air Penny’s and so forth.

Sneaker culture really feels its on the rise at the moment. Do you think the internet and social media are the only reasons for that?

No…but, it definitely has contributed to more exposure, which is good, from a business stand point but, for us consumers, it has develop a more competitive market to obtain certain types of sneakers.

sneakerhead interviews

Interview with a Sneakerhead / @irockmystock

Do you believe that the sneaker scene and Instagram work side by side?

Most definitely! Away from the tradition marketing, we, the sneaker community, will provide feedback and model our favorite sneaker(s). These type of information provides important information for the consumer and to the sneaker companies.

When did you start posting sneakers?

I never really intended on creating an account dedicated just for sneakers. My wife, suggested that I should “showcase” my growing collection. I did my research and on February of 2018, @iRockMyStock was created.  From then to now, I am currently active and connecting, networking and sharing the passion I have for sneakers.

Why are you passionate about sneakers?

Where do I start? LOL! The various styles, the unique combination of materials, colors….the shape of the sneaker! It doesn’t matter which sneaker company either, if the sneaker is “FIRE”, then, it is pretty much a done deal. 

sneaker interviews

Interview with a Sneakerhead / @irockmystock

What’s on my your feet right now?

Haha, I’m rockin’ the 2016 AJ1 “Breds”. One of my favorite, if not, my favorite pair of AJ’s.

What are your go-to stores or websites to shop for kicks?

Nothing to special. I use the Nike Snkr App, Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, Eastbay, Shoepalace and local specialty sneaker shops.

How many shoes do you have in total?

Believe it or not, I don’t have as much. At least, compared to some of my sneakerhead friends. I have about 70 pairs.  All from Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Fila, Yeezy, Clarks, Reebook, Converse.

Why do you buy sneakers? For being active? As a fashion statement? As an investment? Or to resell?

Really…I buy sneakers, just because I LOVE SNEAKERS! As much times, I’ve tried to go away from the sneaker game, I always seem to get drawn back. It really brings me happiness.  Though, I do take advantage about the investment and resell portion, when the opportunity arises.

sneakerhead in interview

Interview with a Sneakerhead / @irockmystock

How do you feel about the issue of Fakes?

How do I personal feel about Fakes? Well, I’ll say this, if someone chooses to buy a known fake sneaker, its all up them. Just try not to pass them as the authentic pair or worst, try to sell them as the authentic pair.

What dream Sneaker is at the top of your Wishlist?

One day, I’d like to have the Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago.

If you had the money, what is the most you would be willing to spend on a pair of sneakers and why?

If I have the money, again, I would probably have my limit to one thousand. The reason I capped at one thousand is because, anything over the amount, my wife would kill me. LOL!

Written by Marco Mathis

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