Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

Hi Megan, thanks so much for your time! We are looking forward to hearing more about you and how you got into the sneaker game.

Hi, My name is Megan Foesch, @meganfoesch on Instagram. I was born in Portland, Oregon, and am currently pursuing an advertising degree with a minor in sports business and business administration.  

I originally got into the sneaker game around 2015 and was obsessed with my all white air max 90s and NMDs. My love for those pairs inspired my first Jordan purchase, Jordan 11 lows (bleached coral).

At the time, I had very little confidence and lacked passion in my day to day life.

However, when I put on a new pair of sneakers and learned how to appreciate the details, style, and effort that goes into production, I felt unstoppable, allowing my love for sneakers to become a part of me. 

When did you realize that there was an obsessive quality to this?

I realized there was an obsessive quality to this when my days revolved around sneaker releases. Waking up at 7AM for those early drops or waiting hours in line became normal in my day to day schedule. The anticipation of trying to cop a shoe you love is unmatched. 

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

Sneaker culture really feels like it’s on the rise at the moment. Do you think the internet and social media are the only reasons for that?

I don’t think the internet and social media are the only reasons for the rise of sneakers; however, I do believe it plays a huge role. People see a pair of Jordan 1s and will buy them without knowing the reasoning/coloring/history behind the shoe, but only because it’s a Jordan 1. I can only hope that people feel inspired by my outfits and feed, rather than feeling pressured to buy sneakers because they are “on the rise.” It is important to wear what you want to wear and not let society or social media influence those choices.

Why do you think that creating unique content is essential when it comes to sneakers?

Anybody can buy a pair of sneakers. Creating unique content lets me show and use my creative side in order to differentiate myself from others. Capturing sneakers in my own unique way allows me to gain and engage with various individuals, meeting and inspiring people I never thought was possible. Photography, editing, and sneakers are all passions of mine that I can show through my Instagram. 

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

What makes a pair of sneakers or streetwear pieces stand out or unique to you?

What makes a pair of sneakers or streetwear pieces stand out to me is if it matches my style or if it somehow can represent a part of me.

Although I collect shoes, I won’t buy a pair if there isn’t a reasoning behind it…kind of like getting a tattoo.

There are certain styles and colors that I like more than others. Making sure you listen to your own style and not letting the “hype” get in the way is the best thing to keep in mind when buying anything. 

Best Sneaker Releases of this year so far?

Black Cat 4, Jordan 3 UNC, StrangeLove Dunks, Greatful Dead Dunks. Right now, Black Cat 4s are in my top 3 favorite shoes. I also absolutely love the plush vibes on the StrangeLove Dunks. Both of those shoes are amazingly designed. 

What’s on your feet right now?

Dior Jordan 1…………………..kidding. Aleali May Jordan 6s. 

Why do you buy sneakers? For being active? As a fashion statement? As an investment? Or to resell?

I buy sneakers as a fashion statement and for collecting purposes. I often will buy a sneaker with the intent of wearing it. However, the shoe will be so beautiful in my opinion that I can’t wear and crease them. The majority of sneakers look better creased, and I can easily wear them every day, yet there’s a couple of pairs that I need to double up on in order to have a pair to wear and a pair to keep deadstock. 

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

What dream Sneaker is at the top of your Wishlist?

Jordan 5 Trophy Room. When I first went to Sneakercon in July 2019, the light blue suede immediately caught my eye, and I haven’t stopped thinking about them. I love how the pair is presented, including the box, as well as the limited quantity of pairs. 

What do you look for when you buy a new shoe?

When I buy a new shoe, I look for whether or not I’ll be able to throw an outfit together surrounding that pair. For example, I often wear neutral colors; therefore, it’s easier to wear a colorful shoe. I also always check the quality. I’ve found that some sneakers have factory flaws or are poorly made. The sneakers may look good in pictures but in person feel completely different, making them not worth it. 

What do you think about the growth of the sneaker hype?

I have mixed feelings about this. I love how much attention and love the sneaker culture is getting at the moment.

However, I see many people buying and rocking sneakers only because they are viewed as “hyped” shoes.

It’s just ironic seeing people wear Jordans when they know nothing about the culture. At the same time, though, I’ve had many people tell me they feel like they can’t “pull off” the Jordan 1 look. Anyone can rock this shoe with the right fit and confidence. Always important to keep in mind that your shoes don’t define you…at the end of the day, they are just shoes. 

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

What advice for choosing sneakers, caring for them, and spotting fakes would you give to other sneakerheads?

The best advice I can give is to do your research. Know the materials of your shoe and check the weather lol. Being from Oregon, I spray a lot of my white pairs with repellant to avoid rain or dirt ruining them. I also keep my shoes in either their boxes or displayed on my wall…always in a safe place. A lot of really good fake pairs are being made. Check every detail…including tags/box information/stitching.

The more research you do, the easier it will be to spot fakes.

It’s actually crazy, but some of the most praised sneakerheads on Instagram have posted fakes getting away with it, and I’m like lol. (I personally would never buy fakes, but if that’s what you’re in too, then you do you!)

Have you lined up for a specific shoe?

Yes! The most recent shoe I lined up for was the Travis Scott Dunks. Unfortunately, I took a massive L on those. Because of COVID, it’s been harder to make in-store raffles/purchases, and they haven’t happened in a while…I miss it!!

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

Do people comment about the stuff that you’re doing? The amount of money you spent?

Yeah, people like to have a say in what I’m doing and wanting to know how much I’m spending. All that information is personal, in my opinion. I live life to please myself, not others. Something I will forever live by: “lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.” 

Interview With a Sneakerhead Megan Foesch

Does it affect you on a daily basis? Your perspective on beauty? e.g., if you see people, the first thing you look at is their shoes and not what they wear?

I do have a really bad habit of always making shoe contact before eye contact. This comes from pure interest, though. If I see someone wearing some off-brand shoe, it’s not like it would change my perspective on them. Society has created this version of a person, specifically for girls, where they have to be skinny, have long hair, and expensive taste to fit in.

This literally only leads to photoshopping/Facetune and feeling pressured to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes or shoes to feel like they fit in. I see it all the time… it’s really sad, honestly. I also believe that women should be able to display their bodies without being labeled.

Bodies are art, and they deserve to be shown no matter what you look like.

Just don’t let society allow you to think that you need to photoshop yourself or lie about who you are and what you’re doing. Find your own passion, be true to you, and roll with it. For me, that happens to be sneakers and creating an aesthetic Instagram feed.

What would you say to someone that says collecting sneakers is a waste of time?

 You’re silly<3 

Written by Adrian Roberts

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