Klay Thompson, and his sneaker success in China

A few stars have decided to go with Chinese brands like Li-Ning, Anta, and Peak, when it comes to their shoes, but not many have found as much success as Klay Thompson.

The shooting guard for Steve Kerr’s Golden State Warriors is endorsed by Anta and is now on his fourth main signature shoe with the company, named the KT4. As one half of the splash brothers, Klay Thompson is loved for his style of play, being one of the best from behind the arc in the league, even winning the 3 point contest in 2016, and this has gained him some diehard fans, in America and China.

Although we are less likely to know about Chinese sports brands if we are in America, they are certainly popular, and because it is harder for them to sign the best players in the NBA as it would be for an American brand, they are willing to pay vast amounts of money just to have their products endorsed overseas.

Basketball is massive in China, and although incidents related to Hong Kong’s riots has left the NBA banned from being shown there, until recently, they had millions of fans watching every game they could. The basketball sneaker market had very few stars attached to it for a long while, so companies like Anta have seen their chance to pick up a fans favorite and make them the face of their brand.

The Golden State Warriors, because of their success in recent years, are huge in China, so Klay Thompson was the perfect man to take over China’s sneaker market, and he has done just that.

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Written by Charley Heaton

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