NBA 2K20, how it’s changing Sneaker releases

Recently, Nike has teamed up with NBA 2K20 to release some of their favorite shoes inside the game, which is genuinely groundbreaking for gaming and the sneaker industry.

Gone are the days of waiting around the corner for hours, just for the chance of getting a sneaker you love. Now sneakers can be purchased online. The second they are released, and now even in-game.

Nba 2K20 Nike Lebron 17 'Bron 2K' Basketball Shoes
Nike Lebron 17 ‘Bron 2K’

The way it works, is NBA 2K20’s virtual world, dubbed the “neighborhood” will have billboards put out at the time of the shoe release, and to be able to buy the shoe. You must find the correct billboard, scan it with the Nike SNKRS app, and then the page to buy.

The shoe will be unlocked. Live in-game experiences like this aren’t entirely new. Marshmello was performing a live set in the game Fortnite last year. But this is the first event of the sort to involve shoes.
The first shoe to be unlocked by completing a challenge in-game was the Nike Lebron 17 “Bron 2k” that released on October the 29th. However soon, a “Gamer Exclusive,” variation of the Nike PG 4 Gatorade will release on January the 18th.

Sneaker releases have always tended to bring problems with them, with fights occasionally breaking out in queues, and the use of bots ruining online releases, so companies like Nike are always looking for new ways to release their products.

It’s like raffles are the best way to sell favorite shoes legally, but unlocking the shoe for purchase through a game, is undoubtedly more fun.

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