P.J. Tucker, the biggest sneakerhead in the league

P.J.Tucker has been known for a long time as a massive sneakerhead. And he has faced little competition for the crown of sneaker king from anyone else in the league.

With most players in the NBA wearing a select few shoes, P.J.Tucker, who will wear anything and everything, has emerged over the last few years as a bright spark.

P.J. Tucker interview

P.J.Tucker has been interviewed about his sneaker collection on many occasions. And he has mentioned that the most he has spent on one shoe was $36,000. And which was for a pair of the insanely limited self-lacing Air Mags, that featured in Back to the future

He does not shy away from showing off his collection. And has worn up to 6 sneakers in one single game. Although he claims his manic shoe swapping is down to superstition, or older shoes cracking as he plays.

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Currently, on the Houston Rockets P.J.Tucker is averaging almost 10 points. 6.6 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game, which are his best stats than any previous season. Now one of the older players in the league, after playing his first season in 2006. He has more experience than most yet isn’t one of the biggest stars.

P.J.Tucker is still hot property in the shoe deal department though, as although he is a bench player, he is a fan favorite that has almost 600k Instagram followers who want to know about what sneakers he has just worn.

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P.J. Tucker had an endorsement deal with Nike until October of last year, and now at the time of writing this, he has not signed a new deal. He has said recently though, that he is in talks with Nike about a new contract.

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Now with Westbrook and Harden on his team, two all-stars with their own signature shoes. Can you think of a team line up that has better shoes?

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