Pigalle basketball court, a must for visitors of Paris


Paris has a lively basketball community, with the only Jordan Store in Europe. The annual Quai 54 event (a massive streetball tournament), and many active public courts, but one stands out. Pigalle basketball court is the product of a group of basketball fans coming together to pay for their court. They can customize how they like, for their community to use freely.

Pigalle basketball court Paris
Pigalle basketball court / 2015

The technicolor court is sandwiched between two flat blocks, but the limited space has not held its founders back, as every inch is covered in their now-famous design.

The court has been visited by Lebron James, Dwayne Wade. And many more NBA stars and has hosted many basketball and sneaker-related events. Only recently, EA collaborated with Pigalle, putting the famous court into their game, NBA Live.

Rachel McCarthy / © Culture Trip

What makes the location even better, is the Pigalle basketball shop opposite the court, that like the court may not be the largest, but is undoubtedly one of the nicest.

Pigalle basketball court / 2020

The presentation is phenomenal, with some of the court’s excess rubber being used for flooring the store. And 20-year-old sneakers dotted around the store, held on pedestals.

The collection of shoes is decent yet small. However, the shop also sells its own Pigalle Basketball merchandise that cannot be found online. Resulting in queues of people waiting for the store to open.

Whether you want a cool Instagram selfie, some much-needed basketball practice, or the chance to chat with other basketball and sneaker fanatics from all over the world, the Pigalle basketball court is the place to go.

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