The Adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro, bringing back a classic

Although the Adidas D Rose brand has tailed off in popularity over the last few years. It once was Adidas’ main signature sneaker line.

The Adidas D Rose 1.5 is loved by fans across the world, released when Rose was at his best, and it only makes sense for Adidas to bring them back, considering the success of retros these days.

Adidas D Rose 1.5 Basketball Shoe
Adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro

Derrick Rose once was an all-star player who has even won an MVP award, however for the newer basketball fans, until recently, you would not have seen much of him on the court.

His injuries have kept him away, and it has not been easy to watch the downfall of one of the most entertaining players ever.

In the last year or so, Derrick Rose has picked up his form to the delight of basketball fans around the world. Starting with a stunning 50-point performance near the beginning of last season.

Now, he is getting more minutes and returning to his previous form. Some of the hype around his merchandise is starting to return.

This is most likely the reason why Adidas brought back the D Rose 1.5 in 2019, to capitalize on his current burst of popularity before the very real risk of him getting injured again can occur.

Adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro
Image via Fastpass

The sneaker has come back in black and red, on a leather and mesh upper, with a black and yellow colorway expected to be on the way also.

Although some have critiqued the shoe for its bulkiness, those who remember it from its original release have pounced on the sneaker, with it going down as a success. Where Adidas will take the D Rose line next is unknown, but for now, we can delight in the return of an old favorite.

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