The Air Jordan 1 Flyease and its importance to the culture

If you’re unaware of what Air Jordan Flyease 1 is, it is a technology, made by Nike, that makes their shoes more accessible to people who can’t tie their own laces. The way it works varies from sneaker to sneaker but usually revolves around zips attached to straps, that allows the wearer to almost completely un-attach the heel of the shoe, so they can slip their feet right in.

It came about as a result of a letter from a 16-year-old fan with Cerebral Palsy, known as Matthew Waltzer, who in 2012 asked Nike whether they could make a sneaker for people who struggle to tie their shoelaces.

It turned out that one of Nike’s top designers, Tobie Hatfield, had already come up with a similar idea in his time designing for Paralympians, and Waltzer’s letter resulted in Tobie getting the go-ahead from Nike to create his idea.

After 3 years of designs and prototypes, Nike was finally ready to release their FlyEase technology to the world, and in July of 2015, they sent the programs first sneaker, the Lebron Soldier 8 FlyEase, to the two U.S teams who took part in the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015.

Since then, this excellent Flyease technology has made some of Nike’s most popular sneakers accessible to anyone and everyone.

And around this time last year, they debuted an Air Jordan 1 Flyease as part of their “Fearless” collection.

It featured the same sole, and mostly the same upper, but with the addition of a strap around the top of the sneaker connected to a zip, and the laces could be unstrapped using Velcro. This was because Jordan Brand still wanted to make a sneaker that was clearly an Air Jordan 1, they just wanted to make it more accessible.

The modifications mean that to put the sneaker on, you would simply pull the strap, unzip the heel section, unstrap the laces, and slide your feet in. Whilst it may not save you much time, the process is much easier for someone who would be unable to tie their laces, and the independence this new system can give them is incredible.

Originally Flyease was very important for showing the world that sports and exercise were for everyone.

“If you have a body, you’re an athlete” Tobie Hatfield stated,Hence its implementation on basketball and running sneakers, but new releases such as the new Flyease Air Max 90 and Air Jordan 1 Flyease spread a new message.

As sneaker collecting and sneaker culture has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, these new releases allow everyone to takes part in the coolest hobby around and feel accepted and independent whilst doing it.

If you’re interested in copping yourself a pair, the Air Jordan 1 Flyease will next release in what is being dubbed a “Royal” colorway, that features a white, blue and black upper. It will retail for $140 and should be dropping before the end of the year but keep your eye out for an official release date.

Written by Marco Mathis

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