The Air Jordan 34, a leap forward for Jordan Brand


The Air Jordan 34 has been released in time for this year’s basketball season, as the latest shoe to carry on Jordan’s impressive legacy.

This year it will be worn by new talent like Zion Williamson and Jayson Tatum, as well as Jordan’s loyal athletes such as Blake Griffin and Michael Conley.

After the Air Jordan 33‘s gander into new lacing methods, with its ingenious mechanism now used by the latest Kobe AD NXT. The Air Jordan 34 reverts to standard laces, as this year’s focus is on weight. And the new system was worryingly heavy.

Air Jordan 34

The new model consists of a thin mesh upper matched with a foam sole that makes this the lightest Jordan. Not only is the shoe light, but A.J. 34 features a large hole, running through the middle of the midsole.

As any sneakerhead knows, the Jordan title carries a hefty price tag, and the Air Jordan 34 is no different, retailing for $180. However, you are guaranteed to get a comfortable shoe. That is not only performed on the court but also looks great while doing so.

When Air Jordan’s are brought up in conversation. It is generally about the older Retro models. That carry vast amounts of hype and go for ridiculous prices on reselling websites. However, Jordan’s practical hooping shoes in the last few years have moved the company in a new direction.

They have not been faultless, with recent problems over traction, and durability, but year on year. Jordan has come out with something new and different to its competitors.

The retro shoe success of Jordan has kept their name in the limelight. Still, it can’t last forever, and it has not been easy for Jordan to try to create new models, but the Air Jordan 34, although its reception has been mixed, is a step in the right direction.

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