The Jordan Jumpman 2020, a cheaper alternative to the Jordan 34


The Jordan Jumpman 2020 came out for this basketball season, at around the same time as the Jordan 34. For only $110, it is the cheaper sneaker by some distance, yet it also has some decent tech to make it a very good value purchase.

The model features a thin mesh upper, connected to a notch around the back of the shoe to offer support and keep the foot in place. This set up is very close to the upper of the Jordan 34, which shares the same mesh and heel notch, although it looks to be a slightly higher cut than the less premium model.

Jordan 34 Basketball Shoes

Lastly, The Jordan Jumpman 2020 uses zoom in the forefoot as its main cushioning, to give impact protection as well as responsiveness, whilst keeping your feet low to the ground.

This is where the similarities stop, as the Jordan Jumpman 2020 does not share the same hole in the midsole, that has been used to decrease the weight on the Jordan 34, as well as enhance the aesthetic, instead consisting of a soft rubber throughout.

Jordan 34 Basketball Shoes

Other than that, there are a few stylistic details, but really the Jordan 34 just has slightly more premium materials, with the Jordan Jump 2020 using cheaper plastics and mesh, which increase the weight of the shoe.

Although they are two different shoes, the Jordan Jumpman 2020 is good enough for the average baller, and for $70 less, most would be happy to sacrifice some of the more premium materials.

The NBA stars may not be playing in this cheaper alternative, but look out at your local gym or court, because the Jordan Jumpman 2020 looks to be a promising sneaker at a decent price.

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