The Nike Air Force Max, Surprise fail Nike Shoe


Anthony Davis – NIKE AIR FORCE MAX

The Nike Air Force Max came out around the start of this year. And although it is a Nike shoe with Air Max cushioning, the sneaker was very unsuccessful, and also it has very few colorways. Anthony Davis was the prominent athlete for the sneaker, and he wore them for the start of last season; however, he ended up finishing the season wearing Kobe’s instead.

Sneaker Fail Nike Shoe

This Nike Air Force Max fail situation was due to the shoe’s horrible performance. Even though the sneaker was a very premium shoe, it has been highly criticized online and even called one of the worst Nike with Air Max with cushioning of the year. The traction has been low for most, with very soft rubber on the outsole that struggles to grip the court. As well as this, the Air Max cushioning is starting to get a bit outdated, lacking the impact protection that you might get from Nikes’ Unlocked Zoom or Adidas’ Boost.

The Nike Air Force Max is also very bulky, with a thick piece of plastic around the sides, and a lot heavier than your average shoe.
The Sneaker user’s mind has confused and mixed on the look of the shoe, as some see it as strange and poorly put together; however, many Air Max fans love the new design.

One of the Best Sneaker for Casual

The shoe could work well as a casual shoe still, as a basketball shoe, although it’s not entirely unusable, it is no way near the current standard of basketball sneakers in 2019. Of course, the performance also depends on the gym, so that is worth bearing in mind, but for $160 retail price, unless you like the look of the Nike Air Force Max, you are better off going with a Kobe Bryant, or even a Kyrie Flytrap.

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