The Nike Blazer, the classic basketball shoe

The Nike Blazer was made in 1973. In the early days of Nike, named after Phil Knights local team, the Portland Trail Blazers.

After 46 years, the Blazer has kept itself in the public eye as one of Nike’s most iconic shoes. However, it has been repurposed during this time as a more casual lifestyle sneaker.

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The Nike Blazer has a high cut, although low top versions have been made. And can be found with a leather, suede, or canvas upper.

Because of the rubber sole, the Blazer is too heavy to work as a basketball shoe these days, but this hasn’t stopped the sneaker from being worn casually.

The shoe was first worn by George “The Ice Man,” Gervin, who played for 14 seasons in the NBA and the ABA. And in 1996, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the NBA. George Gelvin was named one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time.

‘Since then, the Nike Blazer has become a versatile lifestyle shoe, with its simple shape that works with many different styles.’

The Nike Blazer, although no way near as popular as the Air Force 1 or some of the newer Air Max shoes, has had a great 2019. Especially with the Nike x Sacai Blazer that blended the Nike Dunk, another classic sneaker, and the Blazer.

Not many shoes remain popular decades after their release. Especially in this day and age where shoes are being pumped out daily. However, Nike B. has managed it, so even though, it isn’t still fit for basketball anymore. You are sure to be able to find it at your local sneaker store.

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