The return of Derrick Rose, and the DRose 10

Derrick Rose was once one of the biggest players in the NBA, getting selected for the all-star game 3 times in a row and winning the MVP in 2012.

but sadly injuries hampered Rose, and put an end to his Allstar days… or so we thought. Over the last few years, Derrick Rose has moved from the New York Knicks, to the Cav’s. And then the Timberwolves, and he is now stationed at the Pistons.

A few years ago, he was struggling to put up the same numbers people expected from him and there was a point at the Cav’s, where there were rumors, he could retire.

Adidas DRose 10

drose 10

Luckily for his fans, Derrick Rose was able to regain some of his previous success at the Timberwolves. And now at the Pistons, he has been a crucial part of the team.

Rose has signed a lifelong deal with Adidas, so it is expected that, until he retires. he will get a signature shoe each year.

In the last few years, the DRose line had lost its original hype. However, just as his form picked up and received attention from the media, his sneakers started selling well again.

Announced before the start of the season, the DRose 10 comes in many different colorways. And even has a “lightsaber,” version as part of the Adidas X Star Wars collection.

This line dressed in natural leather. And with the bounce as the cushion, instead of the boost that was used in the last few models. The shoe has a good blend of style and performance.

For $130, the DRose 10 is available in stores now, and with a CNY edition released in China and rumored to come to the west soon, look out for this model and look out for Derrick Rose as we get close to halfway through the season.

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