The Sneaker of the Year: What it was, What it is, What will it be?

The Sneaker of the Year. Every year, our favorite sneaker and athletic companies’ brilliant marketing minds find a way to pull our hard-earned dollars into their bank accounts. Especially the ingenious ones behind the Nike and Jordan brand. Although they’re not the only footwear company that does this, Nike has mastered it by capitalizing on our nostalgic love and crazed hype for their beloved retro sneakers we so care deeply for.

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They don’t just have their thumb on the sneaker community’s pulse and culture, but they seem to influence the trends no matter how hard their competition challenges their reign.

More or less, Nike decides what sneaker silhouette will be the “Sneaker of the Year.” Don’t get me wrong, all brands will put their best foot forward and give us a variety of cop worthy options to choose from, but its usually coming down to a Nike/Jordan Brand shoe.

The Sneaker of the Year. Last year, like every year, Nike/Jordan Brand dropped various sneakers, but I think it is safe to conclude that 2019 was undoubtedly the year of the Jordan 1s. From the highs to the lows and even to the mids, Nike/Jordan Brand gave us over 40 pairs of iconic silhouettes.

Twenty of the forty pairs that came out were in the high cut profile in a variety of colors, materials, and effects ranging from: Satin Black Toes and pony hair Pandas to the patent leather SBB 3.0 and the scratch-away leather LA-to-Chicago and only two pairs were released in a retro colorway.

Satin Black Toes

Air Jordan 1 Mids

Even the collaboration with several artists, designers, and influencers for the Fearless series brought a higher level of attention to the Air Jordan 1 mids. Yep, 2019 indeed increased my appreciation and admiration for the Jordan 1s and elevated them to my fourth favorite Air Jordan silhouette (I’ll always be a 5s, 11s, and 8s guy). With that being said, let’s go to the beginning of this crazy year.

Over here inside of Tha SNKR Box, we took a good look at the first-quarter launch scheduled for 2020 and posted the poll question to our Instagram stories, ‘What will be the sneaker of the year for 2020?’

The Nike Air Max 90s or the Nike Dunks.

We chose those two silhouettes based on the hype behind the slated releases, their quality, and the number of scheduled releases. Nike didn’t just give us OG colorways and themes but also some new color combinations and fresh takes on the old retro themes; for both models. 

While Nike started their Dunk wave at the end of 2019 with the Tie-dye Ray Guns and the Off-White collaborations, they kept that same energy when they released the Plum, Kentucky, Syracuse, Infrared, and the Strangelove Nike Dunk lows.

The Sneaker of the Year

They also hit sneaker lovers with a barrage of Air Max 90s drops highlighted by multiple pairs with OG color blocking, then only to top it off by having the Air Max 90 Reverse Duck Camo’s headline Air Max Day. The company continued their assault on our pocket by dropping a slew of other heavily coveted releases throughout the year for both silhouettes, but as one kept rising in the hype and desire, the other seemed to plateau. 

According to the poll that we conducted, 62% of the people voted that the Air Max 90s would be the sneaker of 2020 over the Dunks.

Well, allow me to announce that those voters were WRONG.

The Nike Dunks have clearly taken the title of the sneaker of the year for 2020 by far, and we’re still awaiting the release of few more highly anticipated Dunks to end the year off. The Air Max 90 only has one more release left for this year, and it’s a big one. The one that we’ve all been waiting for, the Nike Air Max 90 Infrared.

But it’s a little too late; the ’90s will not be surpassing the Dunks this Year.

And on that note, let us know on our Instagram page if you agree with our picks for 2019, 2020, and what sneaker you think will take the crown of sneaker of the year for 2021. 

Until next time, be easy and be safe!

~ Your boy C-Walt from inside Tha SNKR Box

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