The SpongeBob x Kyrie collaboration, the coolest shoes of 2019


Kyrie Irving is one of the biggest basketball players in the world, known for his insane handles and flashy layups. His Signature shoes have followed his success on the court. And they have become some of Nike’s bestselling sneakers in recent years because of their stylish look. That allows them to be worn on and off the court. Check Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants..

Everyone likes SpongeBob SquarePants, originally for the show, but now because of his new collaboration with Nike.

These are not the only shoes SpongeBob has been the face of though. As he has recently had a collaboration with Timberland. That is currently available on the Timberland website. And a limited Vans Vault SpongeBob collection that can only be found at certain stores.

What makes the Nike collaboration stand out, however, is the thought that has clearly gone into making the shoes, with little touches like the wavy swoosh on the SpongeBob pair, and the glossy finish on the Mr. Krabs pair.

SpongeBob x Kyrie

The designs are exactly what you want from a collaboration of this type, with the sneakers being well thought out whilst also not being too complicated, and the popularity of the shoes show that.

SpongeBob x Kyrie

Over the decades that SpongeBob has been aired, millions of people have grown up with him on their TV’s, so for the younger generation that haven’t been around long enough to feel much nostalgia, the shows they used to watch remain special to them.

SpongeBob has had a great 2019 and this collaboration is the perfect example of that, a great shoe that portrays everything we love about SpongeBob, and the popularity he has always received.

Written by Adrian Roberts

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