The Why Not Zer0.2, not your ordinary signature shoe

Why Not Zer0.2

Russell Westbrook, an all-star point guard for the Houston Rockets, was given a signature shoe (Why Not Zer0 2) by Jordan Brand after his phenomenal MVP winning season, where he was able to average a triple-double over the 82 games.

Although the brand is named after Michael Jordan and has been born from Michael Jordan’s successful signature line with Nike, they have given out a few signature shoes, with the Why Not Zer0 2 being the latest.

Basketball Shoes

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have also had signature shoe lines with Jordan; however, they have been criticized for being too plain and no different from Jordan’s nameless shoes. Clearly, Jordan brand has listened to their critics though, because the Why Not Zer0 2 is as crazy as you could get, and the fans are loving it.

Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes

Russell Westbrook is famous for his crazy outfits he wears before games, and he has expressed his love for fashion, so although the Why Not Zer0 1 was unique, the newest model in the line comes across as a better representation of Westbrooks character.

Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes

A few consumers have experienced some issues with the outsole breaking down the middle, but for most, the Why Not Zer0.2 has been a very decent performer on the court.

Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes

The traction has been impeccable for most but does lose a lot of grip if the court is dustier, and the cushioning is the same as the Jordan 33, which is unlocked zoom in the front of the shoe.

Although not to everyone’s tastes stylistically, the Why Not Zer0.2 has been very popular especially due to its performance, so if you are interested, you can find the sneaker online or in your local sneaker store for around $125.

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