Your guide to creating a Shamelesskicks Club post

Welcome to Shamelesskicks Sneakerheads Club. Do you want that your posts were able to get desired attention? Or perhaps you want to be part of the sneakerheads community and contribute new content?

Shamelesskicks is a unique digital platform for content creators to get in touch with their followers and easily share their work.

Whether that’s tips for buying new sneakers, a poll, or a ranked list to know more about others’ favorite NBA team or shoe brands, tutorials for making custom shoes, or even for flipping your sneakers and sharing the content in social media or your blog, Shamelesskicks is a brilliant free platform for connecting with your followers in a personal and most engaging way on the web. Create and share your content.

Here are tips on How to Create Posts for ‘The Shamelesskicks Sneakerheads Club’ and make posts of your own!

First, you need to create a Shamelesskicks account. To do this, go to our registration page and enter your account details. Don’t worry, registering is pretty straightforward. Just fill in the fields, and we’ll get a new account set up for you in no time.

You can sign up with your email or social media accounts such as Google or Facebook.

After signing up, please make sure you set up your profile with a picture, cover photo as well.

shamelesskicks signup

Now you are ready to create your first post. Click on the “Submit Post” or Plus (+) button (depends on what device you use).

Web View

1.    Story. Best for text stories.

2.    Open List. For images and/or embeds. Users can contribute by submitting new items. Ranking (order) is based on votes.

3.    Ranked List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. Ranking (order) is based on votes.

4.    Classic List. For images and/or embeds. Users can’t contribute. The list author sets ranking (order).

5.    Trivia Quiz. For quick yes/no quiz.

6.    Personality Quiz. For a test to know who/what are you similar to.

7.    Classic Poll. For one or multiple questions about a subject or person.

8.    Versus Poll. For a poll where each question has two competing answers.

9.    Hot or Not Poll. For a poll where each question has two opposite answers.

10.  Meme. For a funny image with top and bottom texts.

11.  Audio. For single audio.

12.  Video. For a single video.

13.  Image. For a single image.

14.  Gallery. Best for photo stories.

15.  Embed. For a single YouTube, Twitter, Instagram content.

Select one of the options above, and the system will help you to create your post along the way.

Before you get started on your first post, please read the rules and terms of use carefully!

  • Nike PG2

    Nike PG2

  • Nike Kobe Mentality 2

    Nike Kobe Mentality 2