What makes the Jordan 1 so iconic?

The Jordan 1 was first released to the public in 1985, as the first signature shoe for the up and coming rookie of the time, Michael Jordan. Designed by Mike Pierce, Jordan 1 looks like a clear successor to the Nike Air Ship, one of Jordan’s favorites, with its high cut and simple color blocking.

Jordan 1 Basketball Shoes

It was taken up by basketball fans before skaters picked it up as a cheaper alternative to skate shoes, and over the past 34 years, its popularity has soared.

Jordan 1 Basketball Shoes

The Jordan 1 was Nike’s first retro sneaker, being brought back curtesy of popular demand, and is undoubtedly the most well-known Signature shoe, with a variant of the original shoe available across the world all year round.

Jordan 1 Basketball Shoes
Jordan 1

What allows the Jordan 1 to be so iconic, is its simple shape and style. Like the Air Force 1, and the Adidas Stan Smith, it works with any outfit and can be made in many different colorways.
The marketing for the shoe adds to the legacy of the shoe also, as the original colorway was banned for not containing enough white on it, resulting in Michael Jordan being fined $5000 for every game he wore them.

Jordan 1 Basketball Shoes

Nike paid off all the fines, allowing Jordan to carry on wearing them, causing a whirlwind of attention in their direction.

For many sneakerheads, the Jordan 1 is the perfect shoe, with a colorway to fit anyone, and a better history than 99% of its competitors. When a sneaker is still being worn by some of the biggest names, decades after its inception, without ever going out of fashion, how could the Nike Air Jordan 1 not be Iconic.

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