Why are Kyrie’s such a popular lifestyle shoe?

Why are Kyrie’s such a popular lifestyle shoe?

Kyrie Irving’s signature shoes are huge at the moment, partly because of how interesting Kyrie is as an athlete, but also because of the great design of all his sneakers. Nike Kyrie

One of the main reasons Kyries sneakers are such a popular shoe to wear off the court, is that it is a lowcut sneaker, a lot more like a runner than a bulky basketball shoe such as a Lebron.

N Kyrie Basketball Shoes

Each Nike Kyrie has a low cut, with a mesh upper, which allows them to work with an athletic or casual outfit. Runners have also seen a boom in popularity recently, with shoes like the Ultra Boost, the Nike Pegasus line, and the Nike Epic React all having great commercial success.

Nike Kyrie Basketball Shoes
kyrie shoes

On top of this, Kyrie is a fan favorite, as his playstyle allows him to pull of impressive crossovers and layups, that each circulates the internet for weeks. A comparison is Neymar, a flashy soccer player who is loved for his creativity. The sneakers of people like this are a lot more desirable than if Zaza Pachulia made a shoe, and especially for lifestyle use, the cooler the player, the cooler the sneaker.

Nike Kyrie Basketball Shoes
kyrie 5

Furthermore, Nike Kyrie have always been made with hard rubber soles that aren’t ruined by outside usage. The Jordan 33 looked great but had small nibs for the traction, that were torn to shreds if the wearer ran over concrete.

Lastly, Kyries are a lot cheaper than a Jordan or a Lebron, so fans are not only more likely to shell out the money to get a pair, but they won’t be as protective of the sneaker, so if the weather ruins them or they scuff their pair, it’s a lot less of a problem.

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