Why Wesley Mathews Zoom Freak 1’s bursting shouldn’t bother us

On the 8th of January, Wesley Mathews had an unfortunate incident with his Nike Zoom Freak 1’s, as halfway through the game.

They burst wide open, causing Mathews to walk off the court with the shoe barely hanging on.

This is not a good look for his teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo’s signature line, or Nike. Who had a similar problem last year when Zion Williamson’s PG 2.5 met the same fate. But it shouldn’t worry us.

Although it makes perfect sense to see this as a great concern. If you own or are interested in owning a pair of Nike Zoom Freak 1’s. This actually should not concern anyone other than Nike and their team.

Nike Zoom Freak 1

Nike Zoom Freak 1 Basketball Shoe
Nike Zoom Freak 1

Although This is the second time this has happened to a Nike shoe in less than a year. We must remember that it is reported over 70% of the league wear Nike’s.

And that is not even including Athletes at the college level. So considering that most basketball pro will go through many different shoes in a season. If only two have burst open in the last year.

That means the problem is very rare. The shoes were almost certainly defects. As Zion Williamsons’ sneakers burst 33 seconds into the game instead of after performing multiple strenuous tasks.

On top of this, as much as we might like to think we are good at basketball. We are no way near the level of members of the NBA, or young college prospects. So we are a lot less likely to put our shoes through as much strain as they are put through from the pros.

zoom freak 1's

So even though it is only natural to be concerned about our shoes when we are watching them burst live on TV. Not only is this very rare, but even if you were unlucky enough for it to happen to you.

Nike has a great return policy for defect performance shoes, so you would almost certainly be eligible for a brand-new pair, free of charge.

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