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Shamelesskicks™ is the world’s guide for basketball sneakers. We connect to our loyal audience through enjoyable, accurate, and trustworthy content. We are up to date with the interests and passions of sneakerheads. Whether it’s their favorite sneaker brand released last week or what happened on the NBA courts, we’re here to guide them and provide further insights. We have been writing about basketball sneakers for over two years. Our primary goal is to help athletes and sneakerheads like you find your next pair of basketball shoes.

We also cover a broad range of topics. From new basketball sneaker releases to popular sneaker reviews and performance ratings, we do it all. Everything we put on to our website, app, and social media pages have been written and edited by sneakerheads who are very knowledgeable and experienced about the origin, history, quality, and performance of basketball sneakers. They spend a considerable amount of time and money studying the sneaker game and its past, present, and future while building and adding to their collections.

  • Air Jordan Legacy 312

    Air Jordan Legacy 312

  • Nike Air Max Infuriate Low
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    Nike Air Max Infuriate Low

  • Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Low

    Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Low

  • Nike Kyrie 3 N7

    Nike Kyrie 3 N7

  • Nike Zoom Venomenon 4

    Nike Zoom Venomenon 4

Independent Sneaker Data

Our site is built around helping athletes and sneakerheads determine which basketball sneaker they should buy through many factors such as the cost, quality, and performance. There are more choices today than ever when it comes to spending your money on basketball sneakers.

Whether you’re looking to buy something to wear on the court or to spice up your outfit, researching sneakers and finding the right sneaker for you takes a long time—however, Shamelesskicks™ here to help.

Shamelesskicks often asks sneaker experts to check our basketball sneaker reviews, ratings, features, and guides to make sure that the information Shamelesskicks™ offers is the most accurate the readers will find.

We try our best to do our job of helping you find the right basketball sneakers that you will like. We hope to earn your trust so you can keep coming back to our sites to guide you.

Not only do we review the best basketball sneakers for you in our blog, we also give detailed basketball sneakers scores at our Product Rating Section.

We rate and create both visual and textual data around each signature basketball sneaker to help you understand vital information, product quality, and reviews to give you general guidelines that will not only help you make that purchasing decision easier but will also provide you with perspective on other ways that can make your sneaker shopping satisfactory.

How We Work

Shamelesskicks has gathered a team of athletes, writers, illustrators, photographers, and sneaker collectors who bring diverse skills and expertise, together with a group of editors who have excellent knowledge of basketball sneakers. We monitor the latest trends and follow the sneaker game to decide what we review and cover on

Our editorial team regularly asks sneakerheads to select sneakers for review. Their picks are based on several factors, such as cost, availability, popularity, etc.

Our Experts and Sneakerheads then begin the rating process, which includes using the sneakers just as the other athletes would, as well as some standard tests that allow us to provide you the product ratings. ‘Over All Product Ratings’ are calculated based on the ratings from our sneakerheads and reviews from Online buyers and Social Media (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter) accounts. 

 This then leads us to identify each product’s pros and cons in a way that you can easily understand. With the help of these tests, we collect data on performance, comfort, size, and durability of the sneakers, and we use this data to construct an overall rating for each pair of sneakers.

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Sneaker Release Calendar

Do you need the drop date for the latest basketball sneakers? Perhaps you have had your eye on a new pair of Nike or Adidas sneakers dropping in 2020. This is your go-to place to find the latest upcoming sneaker models.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Air Jordan 1s to show off your drip with your outfit or a pair of basketball sneakers for your next game, our sneaker release calendar helps you plan for upcoming releases. Discover new basketball sneakers that you can shop for today and prepare for new models at Shamelesskicks™ with the Sneaker Release Calendar.

You can depend on Shamelesskicks™ to offer you the latest information about new sneakers and styles from brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Under Armour, and more.

Dates are always correct at the time of listing, but sometimes drop dates outside of our control can change. To stay tuned, sign up for notifications, so you don’t miss out on essential drop dates. Shamelesskicks™ is world’s guide for basketball sneakers.


For those who are up to date on the sneaker game, we see value in every post. Most of the sneaker media is dominated by fake hype and celebrities who don’t care.

The backbones of the sneaker game are the real sneakerheads, and our goal is to show them the respect that they genuinely deserve. Shamelesskicks™ selects and features the best sneaker-related videos & podcasts, social media accounts, digital illustrators, photographers, sneaker customizers, and collectors regularly.

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